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When it comes to the amount of DC comic movies coming out there seems to be a huge amount of happy fans out there. While there is nothing wrong with this, wouldn't it be nice to get some more comic movies that where more intense and in away violent? It seems (to me anyways) that a lot of these films that have been coming out feel like they are being held back from the full intensity that they can reach. The Avengers film which was well received, I felt was very drawn out. The whole time I was waiting for the end battle which felt like it barely lasted a minute or two.

To better highlight the point Spawn is a better example. The movie that was released while still a Spawn story did have close to the same edge the HBO cartoon had. With the cartoon it could have been the creepy narration from Todd McFarlanne's introductions but the bloody and violent imagery that was portrayed throughout the story line brought it out of the league of just being a cartoon and turned it into something entirely new. Think of how the T.V show Arrow or Constantine would be if they where able to up the amount of gore and create a more intense vibe. You can tell these two shows have the potential to really push the bar up high but due to certain restrictions are unable to.

The trend so far seems to be to try and create more realistic comic heroes which in some cases like the Dark Knight ended up working out, but in some films it ends up slowing the movie down and drawing out parts that don't need the extra time. These films also seem to be only from the main pool of comics out there. Vertigo comics which is more on the adult side and has some great stories seems to almost never get made. It's almost like they keep recycling the same group of characters over and over again. There are a lot of comics that would make for great movies. Preacher is one that if done by some one Guillermo Del Toro could very well turn into a masterpiece.


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