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So this is one of my favorite movies of all time that Chevy Chase has played in.

I can't believe its not available on Blu-Ray yet whats the deal with that man.

The plot of this movie is really good for the 80s a man who is in love struggles with his girlfriend who keeps seeing other guys then seeing the man who loves her most.

Max played Chevy Chase works at the Air Traffic Controller at New York's Kennedy Airport.

During the way home from the a night club while driving Max gets stuck behind Nuclear Waste truck while behind the truck starts to pour out Nuclear Waste all of Max which is so kind of green goo.

The next day Max finds out he has powers and thats where the fun begins.

Here is a quick clip to get you in the mood lol

If your a Chevy Chase fan you have to see this movie i love this movie to death for those that have not seen it i really don't want to spoiler anything for you.


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