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The Age of the SuperHero is now!!!
Cyler Horsley

Sony, Fox, and Marvel LISTEN UP!!!!! We need these heroes so bad it hurts my tum tum just thinking about it son! My top 3 and why (please argue):

1) The Merc with a Mouth SON!!!

I wan to see this guy KILL THE MARVEL UNIVERSE!!! nuff said....


Why the freak not?!?! I do not know what studio owns this guy but if it is not one of the big three who cares Disney is the illuminati and they will get whatever they desire cause they be wishing on stars likes crickets over there.

Spawn is a Psycho Anti Hero that does not play well with others. Spawn could kill the hulk!!! and Thanos!!! at the same time!!! with his chains of Destiny!!! and Green Eyes of worship!!!

3) Christian Mother Flippin Bale!!!

He was, is , and is THE American Psycho... Earths Mightiest meet THE Psycho. On top of that he has Anger issues when around Terminators and they probably leak oil out their metal underpants when he cursed out everyone on the set of "Salvation". This fool is Moses... nuff said.

Hopefully this list woke you up in the realization that 1. my grammar sucks 2. I had to think before I spelt the word Grammar and 3. Kelsey Grammar? Have a good day true Believers that don't beleive :D


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