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Agent Carter finally gets to head out on an official mission and when she needs people she can trust, she calls....


The Howling Commandos
The Howling Commandos

In the official episode description for the fifth episode reveals the details of 'The Iron Ceiling'

Peggy is finally trusted with a mission and calls upon her trusted Howling Commandos squad for backup. But her cover could be at risk when SSR Chief Dooley also sends Agent Thompson with her.

"Marvel's Agent Carter" stars Hayley Atwell as Agent Peggy Carter, James D'Arcy as Edwin Jarvis, Chad Michael Murray as Agent Jack Thompson, Enver Gjokaj as Agent Daniel Sousa and Shea Whigham as Chief Roger Dooley.

Guest starring are Eddie Shin as Agent Li, Greg Serano as Agent Ramirez, Neal McDonough as Dum-Dum Dugan, Bridget Regan as Dottie Underwood, Leonard Roberts as Happy Sam Sawyer, James Austin Kerr as Junior Juniper, Richard Short as Pinky Pinkerton, Ralph Brown as Dr. Ivchenko and Jared Gertner as cryptographer.

"The Iron Ceiling" was written by Jose Molina and directed by Peter Leto.

The Howling Commandos return to the Marvel world in Agent Carter on Tuesday February 3rd.


It's looks like Dum-Dum Dugan (Neal McDonough) is the only original Howling Commando to return but bringing three new ones with him into the live-action Marvel world; Happy Sam Sawyer (Leonard Roberts from Buffy: The Vampire Slayer), Junior Juniper (James Austin Kerr) and Pinky Pinkerton (Richard Short).


Are you excited to see The Howling Commandos again?


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