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I have been a fan of of the movie called Secondhand Lions for the longest time.

Not sure if you ever heard of it or not but it is the movie where i first saw Haley Joe Osment play in it.

I have seen him in Forrest Gump but i didn't really know it was him at the time until i looked close enough.

I can understand Haley Joe Osment weight gain problem i mean who doesn't have one but he looks so different now.

I don't know why people think he looks like Hitler to begin with the only reason i see Hitler is because somebody photo shopped a Hitler mustache on his face and added the Swastika on his suit.

I actually think he looks more like Brian Doyle Murray you know the guy that played the Boss in Christmas Vacation.

Mostly because how the hair is pulled back and because of his weight.

I'm also pretty sure i heard that Haley Joe Osment was a Christian somewhere i think i heard it when i was in high school.

So i can tell you he isn't a Nazi its just some jerk starting crap because their jealous of him or because they think he is actually Hitler who knows.

I have noting against him by the way i found the photo on face book somebody was posting it on the comments i forget where i so it.

I,m sure his weight problem will go away in time most actors do lose tons of weight.


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