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Inside Out is a movie from Pixar about a young girl named Riley who moved to San Francisco from the mid-west. The movie entire is told through the perspective of the character's emotions (Joy, Fear, Disgust, Sadness, and Anger). It stars Amy Poehler (Joy), Bill Hader (Fear), Mindy Kaling (Disgust), Phyllis Smith (Sadness), and Lewis Black (Anger) and is set to be released on june 19 2015.

So why should we be excited for this film?

Here's why:

1.) The Cast!

The voice actors for this movie cannot get any better with names like Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling, and Bill Hader. These actors are extremely funny in real life and have a lot to offer in this movie. Their presence will surely give this movie a lot of funny moments.

2.) What we don't know about it.

I watched the teaser over and over again because there's a lot of interesting things to speculate on. For example:

  • Are Riley's parents getting a divorce?
  • Does Riley want to "come out"
  • is the family in a financial crisis?

I'm pretty sure we should be expecting a whole lot of surprises from this movie because..................

3.) ............It's PIXAR!

Pixar always had a way of surprising us in their seemingly children's movies. For example, WALL-E, I came in to that movie expecting a kid's movie about the adventure of a cute little robot but, what i got was an extremely entertaining movie that thought me a valuable life lesson about the environment. Same goes for Monsters University, I never imagined that that movie would have so much depth and meaning when I first heard about it and it also thought me a lesson in life about failure. So there's a big possibility pixar will once surprise us with this movie.

So why are you excited for INSIDE OUT? Comment below your thoughts and tell me if you want to see me do this with the Good Dinosaur.


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