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We saw The Amazing Spider-man 1/2 and now we are waiting for the third movie in 2016 but we haven't seen any trailer or anything that proves who will Spider-Man fight next?

I made up some ideas on who might he battle in the next movie!

In The Amazing Spider-Man 1 he fought with a Crazy, Giant Doctor Lizard and all good he defeated him, but at the 2nd movie we see that he has more than one enemy...

First rhino in his human form, or without a suit

And at the end he shows up with this awesome site, that looks similar to some Iron Man suits maybe someone stole it from Tony and gave it to RHINO

Then he fights Electro a good guy who got all crazy

Then at the end he fought Green Goblin, not Norman Osborn, his son Harry Osborn, who wants Spidermans blood for some reason and transforms to a freak with superpowers and kills Gwen

Now lets think he already fought 1,2,3,4 wow 4 Bad Guys which bad guys is next my best guess it Venom , like in Spider-Man 3

And of course lets not forget in this movie we might see Carnage

Then I thought since in the second movie there were a lot of villains, move here we will see more than a couple

My other guess is Doctor Octopus

And this time i think he wont plan to make a big bomb and destroy the city i think he will be joining forces with another villain to eleminate Spider-Man

Guess who ??

Hobgoblin yep, you heard me hobgoblin I guess he will have something to do with Harry Osborn he will tell someone some kind of formula and it will be another goblin.

And guess who will make all these villains appear, I'm sure you might have thought this,


Yeah, he is kinda the boss of all the villains and I'm thinking he will manage to gather all the villains to make a team to beat Spider-Man

And another bad guy we might see is Kraven the Hunter chases down Spider-man, I think kingpin will pay him to get rid of spider-man and he will think he killed him and then Spidey Epicly will come and beat the bad guys:P

Hope you guys enjoyed the article tell me what you think in the comment ?


Which villain will appear next ?


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