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An announcement is close, there is soon to be a great disturbance in the force in the world of Hollywood. For me as a big Spider-Man fan and can't wait for the day Spider-Man is in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the 1st modern day popular superhero back in 2002 would soon be done justice with Marvel telling Sony how to take the franchise to fit it in the MCU (FYI: if this deal is struck, Sony Pictures will still be making these movies, but they will be taking their orders not from Avi Arad, but from Marvel Studios and Kevin Fiege). Now for the inevitable reboot of Spidey into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, here are my choices for actors to use for our beloved characters and let me know your thoughts below in the comment section:

Peter Parker/Spider-Man: Logan Lerman

People I heard wanted him as Spider-Man before Andrew Garfield was cast as Parker. My wildcard picks are Dylan O'Brien, and Drake Bell.

Mary Jane Watson: Dianna Agron

Not well known, but recently know for the role she played in 'I Am Number Four'. For the role Mary Jane would play in a Marvel Spider-Man movie, she wouldn't be a focus TOO much like the Sam Raimi and Marc Webb movies with the love story as Marvel wants to distance themselves from those movies.

Aunt May: Vanessa Redgrave

There have been MANY big name Hollywood stars in Marvel movies so far with Anthony Hopkins, Robert Redford, Michael Douglas. Adding Vanessa to the mix would just be icing on the cake in the MCU.

Harry Osborn: Anton Yelchin

The picture here says it all. For Harry, you wanna cast someone that looks like he is best friends with Peter Parker/Logan Lerman that you can watch their friendship as you build over the cinematic universe to have him take his fathers place as the Green Goblin around Spider-Man 5 or 6.

J. Jonah Jameson: JK Simmons

Ok people, this one, is an obvious one here! He was fantastic in Whiplash (if you haven't seen it, you are REALLY missing out on JK's HUGE acting ability!). As AMC's John Campea always points out, in a reboot, you redo everything, but our 1 exception is JK Simmons as Jameson!

Norman Osborn: Michael C. Hall

Michael C. Hall could bring out the Norman Osborn we saw in Sam Raimi's 1st Spider-Man movie with Norman Osborn's depiction at the beginning of that movie, but here, Michael Hall could carry that all the way through the movie. Just imagine Mr. Osborn getting into arguments with the crime lord himself, The Kingpin. I could personally see Michael pulling that off.

(Now we are entering the Big Half of casting for this movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe starting with:)

(Main Villain) Mysterio: Kevin Spacey

Just like Vanessa, Hopkins, Redford and Douglas, Kevin Spacey would once again be a great addition to Marvel and has the chops to take the lesser known Spider-Man villain to a whole new level in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

(Side Villain) Shocker: Eric Bana

Casting Eric Bana as Shocker would Silence those who would think Marvel's Incredible Hulk is a sequel to Ang Lee's Hulk. He is a good actor, give him a criminal look (almost like Paul Giamatti), but not in the cartoon way Sony portrayed such a side villain with the Rhino. Shocker is someone Spider-Man faces off somewhere at the beginning of the movie (maybe after the opening credits of it showing Spider-Man's origin (like depicted in The Incredible Hulk), show Shocker bust around a view things like the Thug he is, and have him do battle with Spider-Man to start the movie and that's it from the Shocker. Also, you don't even see his face, so why not Eric Bana?

(Side Hero) Luke Cage: Mike Colter

Set to star in Marvel's Jessica Jones Netflix series and soon his own series. Like Spider-Man, Luke Cage is a street level character/hero. I don't know how they'd use him, but with Marvel overseeing things at Sony with Spider-Man, they will do Luke Cage justice! Luke Cage (not Daredevil I think) would be 1 of the 2 characters Marvel Characters Sony will be using in this new Spider-Man movie.

(Pulling Strings) Wilson Fisk/Kingpin: Vincent D’Onofrio

This is a no brainer character you absolutely use in a Spider-Man movie! In a movie like this where we will already have been introduced to the Vincent's Kingpin in Marvel's upcoming Daredevil Series. The Kingpin (like Thanos but on the street level) always pulls the strings behind the scenes. Who's to say Kingpin hired the Shocker for stealing something at the beginning of this movie but failed. Who knows after Mysterio is defeated by Spider-Man, Kingpin might want to use him in the future, or more likely, he has an agreement with Mysterio to kill/capture Spider-Man so he can continue his crime business in New York alot better with one less Superhero. Wilson Fisk/Kingpin would be 1 of the 2 characters Marvel Characters Sony will be using in this new Spider-Man movie.

(Side note:) If the rumors are true to have Kingpin, Mysterio, and Shocker in this movie, this is most likely the way to play out these characters without it feeling like it's crowded. Captain America: The Winter Soldier has "4" Villains with Batroc, Crossbones, Alexander Pierce, and the Winter Soldier. If Marvel/Kevin Fiege can pull off "4" villains like that, who's to say he can't do the same with "3" villains in a Marvel Spider-Man movie?


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