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The Flash aired on CW just won People's Choice Award for Favorite New TV Drama but who knew it's plot was really making fans go crazy. It's Future, it's plot twists are hitting some tummies so seriously that the Team has to come up with Newer and Fresher ideas day by day.

Well, guess who's coming to visit our Barry?

Yep, none other than his own Grand Child Bart Allen a.k.a. IMPLUSE.

Impulse - Bart Allen
Impulse - Bart Allen

Now for those who are unaware about it, Bart Allen is the Son of Don Allen and Meloni Thawne Allen, Parental Grand Child of Barry and Iris West Allen. For better explanation, according to wikipedia :

'Bart was born in the 30th century to Meloni Thawne and Don Allen, and is part of a complex family tree of superheroes and supervillains. His father, Don, is one of the Tornado Twins and his paternal grandfather is Barry Allen, the second Flash. His paternal grandmother, Iris West Allen, is also the adoptive aunt of the first Kid Flash, Wally West (Bart's first cousin once removed). Additionally, Bart is the first cousin of XS, a Legionnaire and daughter of Dawn Allen. On his mother's side, he is a descendant of supervillains Professor Zoom and Cobalt Blue as well as the half-brother of Owen Mercer, the second Captain Boomerang. In addition to these relatives, he had a supervillain clone known as Inertia.'

Bart Allen as IMPLUSE is expected to arrive in the Second Half of First Season of our favourite 'The Flash'. Since Barry Allen aka The Flash is the only one who is fast enough to break the Time-Barrier, Bart Allen will arrive between a process of self-discovery of Barry Allen in order to find his Mom's Killer but will only stay for a short while as seen in Young Justice, blooming glimpses of Love and Romance between Iris and Barry. And for those who have watched 'SMALLVILLE' have already been introduced to Bart Allen.'

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