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Vladimir Gabriel Leo Justinien

The first time diversity in superhero movies came to mind for many of us was when Donald Glover (A.k.a Childish Gambino) was a possible candidate for the Spider-man reboot. Now although it didn't go through, it made way for a new demand in the comic book movie realm.

The demand for diversity.

Why it would be Awesome!!!

1. Being Haitian-American I don't relate to heroes like Clark Kent Superman, or Peter Parker Spider-man the way that some other comic book fans do. But with a character like Miles Morales and Val-Zod, there's a new dynamic that I think would draw in larger crowds and demographics. (A.k.a dollar dollar bills y'all)

2. The comic book realm is larger than some film enthusiast realize. In fact just to prove my point I'll use Simon Baz.....

Take a minute to Google'em.....

DC Comics
DC Comics

A Lebanese-American Green Lantern, who would've guessed it.

With more diversity in films viewers will now be able to see a wider range of the universe that movie makers try to create, thus leading to a more enjoyable movie experience for everyone.

3. I think this reason is the most important.

With more diversity in superhero films, viewers will start to see the world with a sight like superman. (bad joke)

What I mean by this is that people will see the world for what it is a not what stereotypes make it to be.

Therefore characters like Miles Morales will show us that not all African-Americans and Hispanics are gangster/killer/thieves/bad/ etc. (You know what I mean)


With more diversity in superhero films, minorities won't be stereotyped and labeled with negatives things as much as they are in films today. (Plus Miles Morales kinda rocks)

It will lead to the betterment of our society and progress us to a day and age where people won't be judged "by the color of their skin.....

...but by the content of their character." (sound familiar)

Happy MLK Day y'all.


What do you think about diversity in superhero films?


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