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Warner Brothers have just released their newest animated justice league movie titled JUSTICE LEAGUE THRONE OF ATLANTIS. It takes place after the events of justice league war but before they are a well organized team. I'll try to keep spoilers to a minimum but this movie was too good to be limited to a non spolier review. As an origin movie for aquaman it works very well. The character of aquaman and backstory were both very well done. It reminds me of the unaided pilot for the aquaman tv show from the time of smallvile. The pilot is on YouTube if you want to look for it. I liked it and believe if the whole upn thing didn't happen then it would have been great. Back the throne of Atlantis. One of the best parts was Mira aka aquaman future wire and baby mama. She was both written and acted to perfection. The relationship between her and aquaman was well developed and well written. She was also a big badass as she should be.

The rest of the league were used to very existent. Flash did nothing but look cool. Batman was the same. Shazzam was written worst then in war. He was too much like a kid. An over privileged kid which as you may know he is not. When Bruce timm did shazzam in but the justice league cartoon and in the superman vs shazzam movie, he was done right. He had dept and complexity. He was a kid but a kid who had to grow up and see the world as it is. Green lantern only spent time looking like a Jack ass in the movie and I blame the new 52 for that. Superman wasn't as unlikable as he was in war. He acted like the farm boy we know and love. He wasn't too show off as he was And acted like superman. After war and man of steal this is a welcomed change. Wonder woman wasn't as annoying as war to. If fact she was closer the the awesome animated wonder woman movie. The relationship with superman and wonder woman didn't annoy me as much. There was a brief love triangle when Lois showed up but not much happened. Last we have cyborg who got the most development other then aquaman. Cyborg was still dealing with becoming mostly machine. He is ignoring his father and inadvertently becoming like him by not paying much attention to the lady doctor who seems to like him. The villains were only ok. They were just not developed enough. The first of the two was black manta. If you were a fan of young justice then you know how interesting he was. In this movie how ever little time is spent on who he is and why he is there. It's a shame cuz he is a great character. I would have like to see his son at the end but what ever. The other was ocean master aka aquaman half brother. He was ok just too much as the bad guy. By that I mean he was kind of bad just to be bad. I mean he killed his own mother and trys to start a war.

In the end it was a very good movie. Fun and interesting with very cool action. The finale fight was great and aquaman got to shine. Of you are a fan of batman the brave and the bold then there is a moment to will give you the biggest geek out ever. It is a very good first step to showing aquaman as a badass and getting rid of the superfriends stigma. Speaking of which then end hints to what the next movie will be and let's just say it has something to do with superfriends. If you want more comic book news of just funny pictures like the Facebook page justice memes of American.


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