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First off, I apologise to all of you out there who were expecting something action. I probably should have made it clearer in the title that Batman Vs. Robin is actually the sequel to the 2014 animated movie: Son of Batman, and not a secret, unrevealed entry to the DCCU.

Still, from the look of the trailer it still seems pretty darn awesome, so why don't you hang around a bit longer? I promise it'll be worth your while.

If you haven't seen it yet, here's the trailer:

Awesome or what?

With Throne of Atlantis landing at the end of this month and another Justice League movie planned for later this year, adding another Batman movie into the mix is definitely giving 2015 a good vibe.

Batman Vs. Robin picks up Damian Wayne's story after the events of Son of Batman (which you should totally go and check out, by the way! Seriously, if you crave a decent DC movie to fill the void before BvS hits theatres, take a look at some of the New 52 animated movies). Damian has become a fully fledged Robin but is still clearly a kid, retaining that rebellious streak that was so very present in the new Dynamic Duo's first outing. Jason O'Mara's Bruce Wayne seems like his regular, broody-but-not-quite-as-broody-as-Christian-Bale Batman and Sean Maher will be returning as Nightwing.

It seems that while still only sticking with straight to DVD releases, the DCAU has certainly picked up a lot of attention. This new entry sees acclaimed voice actress Grey DeLisle joining the roster and none other than the most prolific Batman actor out there, Kevin Conroy, as Thomas Wayne.

With such a highly-commended voice cast and the added success of the previous instalment, Batman Vs. Robin looks set to be one hell of a rollercoaster.

Then again that's me talking. Watch the trailer for yourself and decide for yourself.


Do you like the look of Batman Vs. Robin?


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