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Ok guys I am new here and I feel wonderful to be the part of this amazing team. So lets dive into this story. So I am from Serbia and I know what I am talking about now.

I saw the Avengers trailers many, many times and soon I descovered one pic from the IMDb. That picture is just under the title of this story.

As you can see, behind Quicksilver and Scarlet Wich are some posters. And I was very surprised when I saw Serbian writing.

So I know that many of you who are reading this articles are from America. So I want introduce you to Serbian alphabet, called 'Azbuka'. How I know that this is only Serbian writing. No one else has this letter:

So behind them poster says: 'Morate odlaziti kuci' and in the English language it means: 'You must go home'. And the other poster says: 'Okrenite novu stranicu' and in English it means: 'Turn the new sheet'. You still following me? Ok.

There are more pics.


As you can see there is our beloved Hawkeye and behind them as I asume the name of some restaurant. The letters and language is again Serbian. The name of restaurant is 'Bojana' and that is Serbian name and under that is the menu of the restaurant. And that dish is also also a traditional Serbain meal. Yummy!

So guys, what do you think this means for Avengers Age of Ultron? It is very exciting for me that one of greatest superhero movies might be happening in Serbia. As a big fan of comic-books and Marvel this is big deal for me! By the way the new trailer is awesome! Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters on May, 1. Stay tuned on 'Moviepilot Superheroes'!


What do you think guys? :)


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