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While there are many people who are fans of Stephen King, and others that are turned off by his works of horror, each of his books has an interesting element that may hook readers for one reason or another. It is widely known that Stephen King has a very active imagination, but not all the elements of his books come from his mind.

Here are five recognizable things responsible for some of the famous stories in circulation today.

1. The Stanley Hotel

Location: Estes Park, Colorado

In 1909, this historic building was created by Oscar Stanley in his attempt to cater to the rich and famous. After Stephen King stayed here, the building became his inspiration for one of his most famous works, The Shining. Interestingly enough, this building is thought to be haunted, and the workers even offer ghost tours for their customers.

2. The Psychopomp

In many religions, the idea of a psychopomp is a creature or deity that is responsible for carrying a soul to the afterlife. In mythology this idea is shown in the form of Hermes and Anubis. Different cultures hold different animals responsible for this task such as horses, ravens, and dogs. In Stephen King's, The Dark Half, a crow is shown to be the psychopomp responsible for taking away George Stark.

3. Ruth, Nevada

Ruth, Nevada is a small town located in central Nevada that in 2010 was home to 440 people. While riding through this town during the Insomnia tours, Stephen King was struck with the almost desolate appearance, giving him the idea for the book, Desperation.

4. Saint Bernard

The inspiration for another one of Stephen King's famous works, Cujo, sprang from a real life incident. According to King, he took his motorcycle to a mechanic in the middle of nowhere and was ambushed by a Saint Bernard whose owner claimed that he was not usually like that.

5. The Business Man

The inspiration behind Stephen King's post-apocalyptic story, Cell, came to the writer one day when he was walking down the sidewalk in New York. He encountered a man in a business suit that at first appeared to be talking to himself as approached King. Then, he noticed the man had a headset, but the thought of a crazy business man got him thinking.


Did any of these inspirations surprise you?

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