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Amy Martin

From January 1st to December 18th last year, Illinois roads were host to thousands of vehicle crashes, and a total of 881 deaths. So to take action against the high number of avoidable fatalities, the Illinois Department of Transportation have started a web series, appropriately named 'The Driving Dead'. The show stars none other than Michael Rooker (minus his bladed arm from TWD), and basically teaches about the dangers of drink driving and not wearing a seat belt.

So although it is an awesome idea, the theme can get a little TOO in your face at times (at least in my opinion, anyway!) as the cast give each other lectures in each episode about how to drive safely, and it really kinda... drags on. So far there have only been two episodes made 'The Complex' and 'The Gas Station', but you can check them out below and tell me your thoughts!

There's no doubt that The Driving Dead is a fresh and creative idea, and the influence of pop culture alongside good morals and road sense is a great way to attract attention. The show is aimed at adults aged 18+ for obvious reasons, but I also think that kids aged 16/17 would benefit from it also.

What do YOU think? Is this a good idea, or is the Illinois Department of Transportation trying just a little TOO hard? Let me know in the comments section below!

If you'd like to stay up to date with the show, and keep an eye on any new episodes that are to be released, you can like their Facebook page.


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