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we've seen amazing Spiderman 2 and the movie has received its fair amount of hate,criticism and concern over the future of the franchise..... Well something must be done and that's what I am going to talk about here...

Let's see where amazing Spiderman 2 ended ... Yeah spidey vs rhino which is pretty much a bad ending (I believe) after so much of anticipation. .

Now I know there are rumours surrounding the deal of Sony and marvel stating that Sony will have creative control while marvel will join Spiderman in the infinity war movie... But guys we need to end the Andrew Garfield Spiderman story arc first otherwise it's going to be a bad thing.

So I say first keep a hold on the Andrew Garfield Spiderman story with sinister six movie introducing the six guys and amzing Spiderman 3 focusing on Mary Jane and spidey's battle with sinister six.

Next , I think the avengers infinity war is releasing somewhere around 2018 or 2019? I don't remember but I say introduce another Spiderman for this dimension( yeah remember the word I am using here!!!) and plan a crossover between Andrew Garfield Spiderman, marvel cinematic universe Spiderman and tv show Spiderman.... Say spiderverse.

Take that crossover movie to be after the infinity war in 2022 or 2021...

Now about that tv show... Marvel and Sony can collaborate with ABC tv network to produce a tv series focusing on either Spiderman 2099 or Spiderman noir which I think will open more doors for marvel and Sony..

Say the tv series is accepted and starts shooting next year for 2017 and by the time the crossover movie occurs the tv series will have something like 3,4 seasons .

Now anybody knows shattered dimensions ? Yeah so that crossover movie can have spidermen fight with Mysterio and the movie can end with Andrew Garfield Spiderman dying a noble death sacrificing himself for the marvel cinematic universe Spiderman and tv series Spiderman.

How can we prepare a crossover? Madame Web .... Yes she will coordinate to that event...

hope you guys liked and I hope that someone out there is listening(Sony or Marvel ) guys I have a story and please if you get to know me somehow please contact me at my mail id... THANK YOU!!!!


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