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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Jo Isnain

Out there in both Marvel and DC universe there are some heroes and villains trying to bust open that wall to get to the real world and be casted because today will be the day the "UN" famous heroes and villains from the comics be famous(if they get a chance).

I have 5 (technically 6) actors in mind who could play heroes and villains for both universes from the word "UN" famous to FAMOUS if they get a chance at portraying them.

1.Jake Gyllenhaal for Moon Knight

Moon Knight is also known as The Agent of Death after rising back from the dead and becoming an agent on earth Moon Knight is best known for his habit much like Batman mysterious,dark,fearless and other characteristics so Marvel has to bring this character to life, Jake Gyllenhaal has been working out we've all seen his body on Southpaw he'd be great besides he did play Prince of Persia and if he can play the Prince of Persia he can play Moon Knight I mean of course he might be joining the DC Cinematic Universe to play Rick Flagg but what the heck.


Would you like to see Jake Gyllenhaal play Moon Knight?

2.Daniel Bruhl for Baron Zemo

We did hear rumors about Daniel Bruhl joining the MCU and the rumors are true but we still don't know who will he play but the most closest to other guesses is Baron Zemo, Baron Zemo has been a long time nemesis (or rival as I like to call it) of Captain America he's been in the comics since March 1964 but that was then we knew who his name was in July 1964 which was 4 months apart.He deserves to be in the big leagues portrayed by Daniel Bruhl.


Will Daniel Bruhl play Baron Zemo?

3.James Maslow for Hercules

Despite having enormous muscles (I'm talking about James not Hercules) and an awesome body James Maslow is best known for his performance in Big Time Rush an american band who broke out in 2013 since then James Maslow has been moving on with his acting career but before that he and Peta Murgatroyd were the stars of Dancing With The Stars. James is a great actor,dancer and singer. Now lets talk Hercules, Hercules first appeared in Journey into Mystery Annual #1 (1965) and was created by writer-editor Stan Lee and artist/co-plotter Jack Kirby.Hercules has starred in three self-titled limited series and been a perennial member of the superhero team the Avengers, appearing in each of the three titles. In 2008, Hercules debuted in his own series titled The Incredible Hercules. Abilities are:

  • Pre-Chaos War:
  • Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, endurance, and durability
  • Immortality
  • Healing factor
  • Resistance to all Earthly diseases
  • Limited immunity to magic
  • Wields adamantine mace
  • Post Chaos War:
  • Highly skilled archer and hand-to-hand combatant
  • Exceptional peak physical condition
  • Access to a variety of weapons from Greek mythology

James Maslow would be perfect for Hercules he's big and strong

Tell me that's not the body of Hercules

Join us!
Join us!

Giant muscle

James Maslow has most of the things Hercules has he needs to be bought to life


Would you like to see James Maslow bring Hercules to life into the MCU?

4.Zachary Quinto for Ra's Al Ghul or Sinestro

Zachary Quinto is best known as Spock in Star Trek and if Zachary Quinto was to be bought to the MCU which character would he play in my mind 2 characters fit the bill, Ra's Al-Ghul and Sinestro. Zachary has a habit of looking old (not trying to tease him or say bad things about him no offence) with that thick eyebrow of his he could cut out to be Ra's Al-Ghul and for Sinestro like I said he has a thick eyebrow (again no offence) and he can look creepy and scary and fearless at the same time he could play Ra's Al-Ghul for the Batman reboot estimated releasing in 2019 or he could play Sinestro in the Green Lantern reboot in the estimated year 2020 but I'd say he would make a better Sinestro than Ra's Al-Ghul.


Would you like to see Zachary Quinto join the MCU?

5.James Franco or Dave Franco for Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes)

Technically 6 actors but two of them are in one category when these two Franco brothers act we will get non-stop comedy especially with James Franco in The Interview.This Batman partner has to come to life we keep seeing Robin and Nightwing and Batgirl but no Blue Beetle,Blue Beetle first appeared in Infinite Crisis #3 (Feb. 2006). He was created by writers Keith Giffen and John Rogers, along with artist Cully Hamner.

Why James Franco should be Blue Beetle:

He has that young look,he's funny,amusing he's also a great actor a great comedic actor.

Why Dave Franco should be Blue Beetle:

He is young,He is funny, He can be a bit childish much like Blue Beetle and he's also a great actor and comedic actor.


Who do you want to see bring Blue Beetle to life?


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