BySukumar Singaram, writer at

Plot of the movie:

A beautiful love story of a guy who aims to become Mr.India, how was he pulled down while he started growing in modelling career and his brutal vengeance forms the movie.


1. Extra-ordinary Cinematography.

2. Terrifying performance of actor Vikram.

3. Music. Background score takes the movie high.

4. Director Shankar, for the making of movie equal to Hollywood films.

5. Locations were damn impressive.

6. Costume designer deserves a pat.


1. Length of the movie - 3 hours seems huge. Editor has not done his role perfectly.

2. Few slogging scenes in the second half of the movie tests our patience. Unnodu Naan Irundhaal song reduced the pace of the film very much. Trimming this song and few unwanted scenes like the heroine feeling lonely very much in the greenery area would have made it a grippy film.

Verdict: A visual treat for cinema lovers with a slow moving screenplay yet a feel-good film. Must watch in theaters.


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