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Angel Gabo Egan

Hi guys like most of you should know there has been rumors about who of the avengers is going to die in age of ultron thats coming in a few months and i decided to make this article so i can share my theory with you, hope you enjoy it.

1. Captian America/ Steve Rogers


well maybe this option is not so possible cause as you know there is going to be civil war, so that got me thinking, what if ultron does kill him? i mean everything is just a theory but maybe he dies and bucky takes his place, it is going happen some time in the MCU but i mean its an option, it is also said that he wouldn't die until civil war wich its more possible

2. Thor

with ragnarok coming you must say im crazy or im some kind of jerk but since i saw the first trailer this got mi nuts...

that hand...
that hand...

since i saw this scene from the trailer i have been thinking that maybe he dies in the hand of ultron, cause come on who else could that hand be from? i mean maybe he wouldn't be "dead" if he dies he would come back from death like he has done before in comics i mean it would make sence for this...

maybe this is when he would be coming back to life

3. Hulk

know that we know that hawkeye, black widow and tony stark still have plans in MCU they are discarted from de list but i haven't heard from this big guy

it would be a huge shock for people or fans for the hulk being killed or maybe sent to space... who knows but what if...

they all die and vision travels back in time to save them

that my friend would be awesome to see. so what to you guys think?, please dont be so rude im just sharing my thoughts with people that know what im talking about.


so in wich one do you agree?...


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