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Ever since the airing of The Man in yellow Suit S01E09 a new fan theory has been sprawling around the flash community .

After Cisco reveals to Joe that what he say during the fight between flash and reverse flash was two different sets of electricity coming off them red and yellow.

That description would fit to what Barry Describes he saw that night in his room when his mom killed .

Now the theory plays out to the story line of the DC movie The Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox . The movie plays out :

The flash is attacked by reverse flash and a group of other well known villains ( captain cold ,captain boomerang etc ) , The reverse flash emotionally compels flash to go back in time and save his mother from being killed , and that creates a whole other universe where the flash never existed , and the story line of the whole Dc universe and the Justice league gets altered .

Now for all this to be possible Flash has to have the ability to travel Back in time , and to our surprise executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg hinted to the idea of time travel in the second half of the flash season 1 . He said

"There's an unexpected , accidental time travel coming up , And it is played both for hilarity and darkness . It happens in an episode we're really excited (about ) " .

So according to the theory :

The reverse flash went back in time to stop Barrrys mother from being killed that night by a robber or mugger and flash chased him back in time too make sure his mom died or else he would never have become the flash in the first place (this would play out to the time line of flashpoint paradox ) .

Thats why Young Barry saw two sets of electricity that night at his house .


Do you think this theory would work ?


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