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Well after hearing, reading, seeing or dreaming the word MARVEL, majority thinks about Avengers, Iron Man, Capt America and my favorite "The Black Widow". Not many know, but MARVEL has also has an anime franchise. Yup, you read it right......... MARVEL ANIME-VERSE. Currently, Marvel has 5 anime series and 2 anime movies. Marvel released them with the collaboration of Animax.

Anime Series:

Iron Man

The series explores Tony's adventures in Japan, he comes to Japan to participate in a Power Station project, during the ceremonies the dude gets attacked by Mecha-Robo belonging to a company Zodiac.


Logan pursues her girlfriend Mariko, in Tokyo, Japan.


Got to admit,STORM looks cool, way cooler.
Got to admit,STORM looks cool, way cooler.

X-Men battles the U-Men, as one of the mutant is murdered......


May have seen some flashing......
May have seen some flashing......

Blade track Deacon Frost in Japan and finds himself in a bigger plot.

Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers

Cap looks like Robo-Cop
Cap looks like Robo-Cop

Avengers assemble and fight with Loki to foil his world domination plan.

As you can see that, all of the series are poorly ranked. I have seen them, they did a good job. But not good enough, because obviously we're talking about MARVEL entertainment, every release should be a Marvel itself. The fault was well, not so much explained. They should've introduced the characters as they did in Hollywood movies because not every Otaku watches Hollywood movies and read Western Comics, its same for Western nerds (they don't read Mangas and watch Anime). Then, there are the movies, but thanks God there were really good (compared to the series, duh!).

Anime Movies:

Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher

Punisher and Widow team-up to take down Leviathan

Iron Man: Rise of Technovore

At first I read the title as Techno-Whor*
At first I read the title as Techno-Whor*

Stark fights to clear his name, while evading SHIELD.

Now you know, as I have increased your knowledge. My personal opinion would be watch the series only if you have got the time, but don't skip the movies. I like the movies especially, don't know whether you guys will like it or not. Anyhow rest is up to you people.


What will you watch, movies or anime series?


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