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For those who haven't seen any of my other articles, I have written 84 before this one. My first one was written on August 20, 2013, making next month my 18 month anniversary on MP. With that being said, it has been 5 months since my last article. I hope I haven't lost my touch over the interim, let me know in the comments after the Article what you think.

While researching for this Article, I found out that there are 23 Marvel Characters in the Official Guide to the Marvel Universe who weigh over half a ton (1K LBS) which surprised me. Some of them I had never heard of and some I didn't realize weighed as much as they do. I had to find some way to narrow the list down to 10, so I took out the two who have already been in movies (Hulk & Sentinels) and then I took out the ones that would be hard to cast/CG, the ones most people haven't heard of, etc. until I was left with ten. Below I will list their name, height & weight according to the handbook, a little of their back-story and the movie or movies I believe they may be in at some point. Some of the movies mentioned are of Marvel Characters whose movie rights belong to other studios, but I added them because Marvel will eventually get those rights back. Without further delay here are the top 10 Marvel Heavyweights I think will eventually end up in the MCU:

1. Executioner (7 FT 2 IN, 1100 LBS) - Born to an Asgardian Goddess and a Storm Giant, He fell under the Enchantress' spell for a time. He was eventually able to break free of her spell, turn from his villainess ways, and ended up dying heroically helping Thor free mortal souls from Hela, Asgardian Queen of the underworld. I think he could end up as a character in Thor: Ragnarok since his back-story lends itself to that story-line so well.

2. Galactus (28 FT 9 IN, 36K LBS) - Galactus once was a normal man named Galen in the Universe before this one and is the sole survivor of that Universe thanks to the Phoenix Force saving him. He was in Suspended Animation for Billions of years before awakening to become Galactus, the World Eater. His Conscience is only eased by a prophecy that says he will ultimately be a force for good. He has died once to save the multiverse and been broken out of prison by Drax the Destroyer so he could stop the Annihilation wave. Technically, Galactus is already a part of the MCU, but I added him to this list since he hasn't really been explored as a character as of this writing. I think he could end up in a Thor, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers or Fantastic Four movie in the future.

3. Karkas (8 FT 3 IN, 1260 LBS) - Born a Deviant, Karkas was groomed to be a Gladiator. The Deviants and their enemies, the Eternals, are both off-shoots of humanity. The Skrulls are actually all Deviants as well. Even though their races hate each other, Karkas was eventually saved from the arena by a visiting Eternal named Thena, who teleported him to Olympia so he could live in peace. I think he will most likely be in the Inhumans Movie that is in Development, though he could also end up in a future Thor, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers, or even Iron-man movie.

4. Lockjaw (6 FT 8 IN, 1240 LBS) - Lockjaw is an Inhuman whose mutation gives him the appearance of a Bulldog, with the main difference aside from his height & weight being that he can teleport himself and up to an additional Ton or twelve other people. He serves as the Inhuman Royal Family's Companion. It is pretty much guaranteed that he will be in the Inhumans movie.

5. Piecemeal (7 FT 6 IN, 1400 LBS) - An Operative from the Commission on Superhuman Activities, The Red Skull captured him and through experimentation changed him into piecemeal. His Ability is to absorb others life experiences, effectively becoming that person. He was finally stopped by the Hulk. This was my hardest choice to add to this article, but I finally decided to add him since he could very well end up in a future Captain America movie. I don't know about Captain America: Civil War, but perhaps the next one if they continue the series past that point.

6. Sasquatch (10 FT, 2K LBS) - Dr. Walter Langkowski was inspired by the Hulk to experiment with Gamma Radiation as well. However instead of gaining his powers from Gamma Radiation itself, he somehow opened a portal to another realm and was possessed by a spirit named Tanaraq, thus gaining his powers. He is the only surviving member of Alpha Flight. I think his back-story could have him ending up in a future X-Men, Wolverine or even Hulk film. There is also the possibility of an alpha Flight movie in the future.

7. Shaper of Worlds (18 FT, 10K LBS) - Originally a Cosmic Cube (as seen in Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy) situated in the Skrull Empire, Shaper of Worlds became self-aware & took on the form of a Skrull with Tractor threads instead of legs. His power is to change reality, however he isn't very imaginative. Therefore, he seeks out people whose dreams he can work with in order to manipulate reality. I can see him being used by a Villain such as Loki, Red Skull, Dr. Doom, etc. as a means toward which they take over the world. He could do well in an avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America or very possibly even the Dr. Strange movie that is in Development.

8. Terrax (6 FT 6 IN, 2750 LBS) - Originally a Birjian Despot named Tyros, Galactus chose him as a Herald. However, Terrax betrayed him in order to fight the Fantastic Four. He has died & been reborn numerous times and was chosen by the Grandmaster to fight alongside the Red Hulk against the original Defenders. I can see him in a future Fantastic Four, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers or Thor film.

9. Tyrant (10 FT, 2440 LBS) - Of the ten characters on this list, this is the one I would most want to see in a movie. As stated in my Galactus profile above, There is a prophecy that says Galactus will ultimately be a force for good. To that end, Galactus created Tyrant. Tyrant draws his power from living worlds, which means that whenever Galactus destroys a world Tyrant loses power. Tyrant almost killed Galactus at one point until he was hit with the power of the Ultimate Nullifier and disappeared. I believe that he would be a great addition to any film that features Galactus, maybe even one with a plot where he almost kills Galactus and goes mad with power. Then the Heroes have to use the Nullifier on Tyrant and save Galactus in order to save the Universe from being destroyed by Tyrant's constant creation.

10. Vision (6 FT 3 IN, up to 180K LBS) - I saved Vision for last as a reward of sorts for those who read (or at least skimmed) the rest of my article. Vision's origin of being created by Ultron to destroy the Avengers, as well as his breaking free of his programming to join them and his eventual marriage to the Scarlet Witch, will be at least partially explored in the plot of Avengers: Age of Ultron. He could very well be featured in the Captain America, Ant-man & Black Panther movies as well since he is disassembled by the U.S. Government before being re-assembled by Ant-man & Black Panther. In the Comics, this caused him to no longer have emotions and he divorced Scarlet Witch, which caused her to go mad. She not only dis-assembled him again, but also caused 95% of the mutants to lose their powers by simply saying the words, "No More Mutants". That story-line would be the perfect way to introduce the term to the MCU once Fox loses the rights to the X-Men since Marvel can't legally use the term "mutant" until they get those rights back.

There you have them, ten Marvel Heavyweights I believe will eventually end up in the MCU. Every Marvel Character weighing a half ton or more, even characters like Spider-man, X-Men and the Fantastic Four as well as their villains & supporting cast can also be on this list since Fox & Sony only have those rights for a specific amount of time or until one of their movies flop. If that happens or they don't re-new their option then the rights go back to Marvel, unless the World ends first or Marvel folds as a company. So, with that being said are there any characters I didn't list that you would like to see in the MCU or any on the list you don't think will make it to the big screen? comment below and tell me why or why not and follow me on [email protected] if you like.


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