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Yes you read that right, a FEMALE stormtrooper. I know right? How horrible! How dare Disney/Lucasfilms disgrace the sanctity of our beloved Star Wars franchise! Not even a year after they DARED to introduce a BLACK stormtrooper to the world of Star Wars! I mean, what in their insane minds gave them the idea that a black and a female stromtropper would have ANY place in this world of Jedi, Sith, Hutt's, big furry monsters, little furry monsters and robots?! Like, what made them think that Star Wars was a place of diversity?!

Clearly no diversity here!
Clearly no diversity here!

And even if there are a ton of different alien races in SW, there's only one race of human in Star Wars! And only the males have ever been featured right? We've certainly never seen any proud, female fighters or any black warriors in the world of Star Wars before.

Uh...Uh.....Ignore this...totally invalid....
Uh...Uh.....Ignore this...totally invalid....

And just who is it that is getting ready to break the sensitive mold of our beloved mythos?

Amybeth Hargreaves!

Congratulations Amybeth, you and John Boyega have ruined Star Wars! Why, not just that, you've destroyed a universe! Cities will burn, the Empire and the Rebels will fall! You're very existence will cause the core of planets to rumble and shake until their very atomic structures fail and the planets implode, followed by the very galaxy itself being knocked out of its intergalactic orientation and sent spiraling into the Red Sun!


And all because one of you is black and the other has lady parts! Star Wars is doomed everyone! I mean, this is obviously the WORST thing they've ever done to us! Never before have they ever done anything worse than thi—

So be prepared for Dec. 18th everyone! That's they day we ignore the plot, the storyline, the epic space battles, the already clear diversity, the expansive world and the lovable characters because we're all focused on the horrible, horrible thing they've done—cast a female and a black man in a role that CLEARLY has always been white only!

I mean, except for the Jango Fett clones of Mandalorian race, portrayed by Temuera Derek Morrison of New Zealand and Maori descent. But other than that, clones have been WHITE MALES only.



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