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The limited release goes big with "American Sniper" taking the box office crown this holiday weekend was an amazingly strong 90.2 million! It is just shy of 100 mil for it's 4th week and should get that by end of this coming week. Word-of-mouth is very strong on this film and with the recent award nominations, should get to 200 mil with no problem. New at a distant #2 is "The Wedding Ringer" with 21 mil. Still a very solid number and just above expectations. New at #3 is "Paddington" with 19.3 mil, also slightly above expectations. Big drop to #4 is "Taken 3" with another 14 mil and will be very shy of the 100 mil mark this time around. Rounding off the top 5 is "Selma" with 8.3 mil and should have fair legs during the award season.

New movies that did not make the top 5:
Just one this week as "Blackhat" comes in at #10 with only 4 mil which is below expectations just a bit.

New movies next week:
A few movies coming up this weekend but not a whole lot standing out. With about 2500+ screens is "The Boy Next Door" and could hit the 15 mil mark. Next up is the comedy "Mortdecai" with about 2600 screens and may fall just shy of 15 mil. Last up this weekend is "Strange Magic" with about 3700 screens and could hit just north of 15 mil or so.

*numbers sourced by Box Office Analyst


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