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If you ever doubted the power of Disney magic before, this story ought to convince you that it is nothing to joke about!

Haley Smith Thought She Was Dead...

17-year-old Haley Smith has believed that she is dead for the past three years! Yes, dead! She suffers from a rare delusional psychosis called Cotard's Syndrome, commonly known as 'Walking Corpse Syndrome.' WCS causes the person to believe that they are deceased or that parts of their body no longer exist. It's a rare and strange delusion that's hard to explain.

But after three years of believing she's an actual zombie, young Haley Smith has finally snapped out of it. What caused her to fall out of the delusion? Disney movies!

...Until She Started Watching Disney Movies!

According to Haley, she would:

"fantasize about having picnics in graveyards" and "spend a lot of time watching horror films because seeing the zombies made me feel relaxed, like I was with family."

After telling her friends and family about her rare condition, they helped her to seek professional guidance with a therapist. Though the therapeutic aid was helpful, Haley credits classic Disney films with convincing her that she's alive.

‘Watching Disney films gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling. 'The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty, Bambi – I watched them all."

"I asked my boyfriend Jeremy: “How can I be dead when Disney makes me feel this good?”
"Being a corpse was the most bizarre experience, but I’m so glad I managed to get out alive."

She is now alive and well, with a little help from Disney.

If this story doesn't bring tears of joy to your eyes and a warm, fuzzy feeling to your heart, then you sir, are the dead one!

Congrats to Disney for bringing life to this young girl and for restoring just a little more of my faith in humanity!

Source: Daily Mail


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