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I remember reading off of this one kaiju/giant monster website that features details of certain films in the genre, and it gives a list of films that have kaiju elements. Shockingly, some of the films listed include stuff like a couple of the Star Wars films, but STAR WARS IS NOT A KAIJU-RELATED FRANCHISE!!! Sure some giant monsters in Star Wars include the crater monster from The Empire Strikes Back and the Rancor and Sarlaac from The Return of the Jedi, but if Star Wars was a kaiju-related franchise, then that could mean that Spaceballs is a Super Robot film, or it also means that The Room is a black comedy, as it bills itself.

Now, I'm gonna do a few rants on what some people believe about some films.

Spaceballs is NOT a Super Robot film!

In 1987, king of comedy films Mel Brooks unleashed Spaceballs as the ultimate Star Wars parody. It would be one of Brooks' greatest films of all time, next to Young Frankenstein and the Western film parody Blazing Saddles. However, there's this one instance in Spaceballs in which Dark Helmet's spaceship/command center transforms into a giant Statue of Liberty-esque robot that uses an industrial-strength vacuum cleaner as a weapon. However, because that this transformation had happened in the movie, that doesn't mean that Spaceballs would count as a Super Robot film. The robot transformation only occurred shortly before and during the film's climax.

But, for those of you who don't know what genre I'm talking about; Super Robot is a popular science fiction genre that originated in countries like Japan in the 1970s and 1980s. Many famous Super Robot franchises include Mazinger Z, Mobile Suit Gundam, Macross, the American anime Voltron, Video Warrior Laserion, and the South Korean anime film Robot Taekwon V. If Spaceballs was a Super Robot film, than that would make Dark Helmet act more like Darth Vader than anyone funny (although Chad Vader was able to pull of another funny Darth Vader parody)!

The Room is not actually a black comedy!

Johnny's laugh seems pretty fake!
Johnny's laugh seems pretty fake!

In 2003, short-time filmmaker and actor Tommy Wiseau wrote, produced, directed, and starred in an independent romantic drama film known as The Room. It was released as a romantic drama film, but no one even took it seriously, so its DVD release bills itself as a black comedy. The film, when released theatrically, made approximately $1,600 at the box office. It got extremely negative reviews, mostly for its rather lifeless acting, overuse of fake laughter, its numerous technical flaws, and its notorious use of green screen effects for the rooftop sequences. So far, there's nothing a bit comedic about The Room, all except for the fake laughing and how scene-chewing the acting really is. The ending is pretty tragic, though.

Kickassia! is not a knock-off of the Family Guy episode "Petoria"!

In 2010, Channel Awesome, Nostalgia Critic, and the rest of the That Guy With The Glasses gang unleashed an action-comedy film called Kickassia!, which was a six-part web series condensed into one giant film. So far, the film looks pretty darn good (I also saw the trailer). Emer Prevost, well-known YouTube user and the host of his movie review web series Reaction & Review, made Kickassia! a subject of the first episode of the series, but he called it a knock-off of the Family Guy episode "Petoria". However, this is not true; the Republic of Molossia, the country that's the main subject of the film, is not fictional. Molossia is an actual man-made country located on 22 Mary Lane in Dayton, Nevada. Don't believe me? Molossia has a Facebook account and a Twitter account.


What are your thoughts on these rants?


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