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War Machine rocks... okay
Toby Michael Shepherd

So Ant-Man is due for release only two months after Avengers, but remember when it started filming and we saw these images?

Hey I recognize you
Hey I recognize you

That's right, pingo dolce, the infamous bottled drink that was contaminated by Hulk blood in The Incredible Hulk. During the Hulk flick, Bruce Banner is working in a factory in Rio producing this drink when some of his blood is spilled and causes a man to become sick. and you'll never guess who that man was.

Stan 'the man' Lee, that's who. But nevertheless, that's a cool little Easter egg to look out for in the movie.

However, recently Mark Ruffalo, The Hulk himself, has been posting Ant-Man all over his tumblr and facebook.

My thoughts are that Mark is secretly promoting the film because... HE'S IN IT!

No evidence of course, but what if after Avengers: Age of Ultron he appears in every MCU movie as an Avengers recruitment-man (newest superhero maybe), and that would explain why Hulk has no Phase 3 movies. He's just y'know, collecting some guys for Infinity War.

Also, little extra food for thought, maybe while he's in Wakanda during Black Panther he could apologize for tearing up some of South Africa as the Hulk in Avengers.


What do you think, Hulk to appear in Ant-Man?


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