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It's been around a month since the Middle-Earth saga was complete, and we will all dread the day it gets a reboot and turns into a pile of manure. However some may argue that this was a disappointing finale with a few obvious problems with the movie. In my opinion, this was a good film, filled with many positives to take, however there were negatives in the film that need to be addressed.

*Spoilers Ahead*

1. The Love Story between Tauriel and Kili

When the franchise was split into three films, we wondered what will be filler time. We certainly know now! In the Desolation of Smaug there were flirts and interest which peaked curiosity with the characters and the audience, which was acceptable. But in this film it took it one step further and they virtually expressed there love for each other, and not only did I not buy it, it did not lead to anywhere in the story and ended up being a rather pointless story line to used.

2. Gandalfs Side-quest

Some hardcore fans may disagree, but hear me out! Seeing Gandalf doing his side-quest was actually fun to watch and I thought was an intriguing storyline, the problem I have with this is the inconsistency this has created. In the Fellowship of the Ring, Gandalf was suspicious about Saurons existence and had to look into it by travelling to Gondor, but in this film, it shows Gandalf realising that Sauron has actually survived the battle of the last alliance, 60 years before the events of the Fellowship of the Ring!

3. Thorin Vs Azog

This is me being picky at this point but I still feel that this needs to be addressed, in the third act of the film, the fight between Thorin Vs Azog had to live up to the hype that the rest of the movie has built up for them. But after the fight I felt underwhelmed, simply because the feud between them was not big enough to make the fight as dramatic as it was conveyed. There was no real history between them except for one 30 second fight and then another 30 second battering. They only met each other twice in the entire trilogy. But they set it up as if they have been fighting for the entire saga and once has to die at that point.

4. Dragon Sickness

Again, this is me being picky at this point but I still feel that this needs to be addressed, in the first two movies they conveyed to the audience that the Thorins family suffers a sickness with the gold of Erebor, and we were meant to see Thorin suffer this in the film. But in this movie the created something call 'Dragon Sickness' which means now everyone would fall for the gold and become sick from it. Why could they not stick with the Kings sickness, adding another disease actually detracted from the storyline!

5. This Should have been Two movies!

This is my biggest problem with the movie, really, it should not exist! The moment they announced that this would become three films, everyone thought it was too much, and they are right! This movie felt like a third act of a film, and it would have been if it was only two movies. An Unexpected Journey should have ended when they escape the elves with the barrels, and the next film 'There and Back Again' should begin with the dwarves finding Bard. Then you have 5 Middle Earth films that have little filler time and a lot of relevance!

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with me, comment below and let me know!


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