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The world of Marvel is large. Like, INSANELY HUGE! Huge enough to be dubbed "The Marvel Universe." But even though it would still be humongous without them, a chunk of Marvel's epic stature belongs to the X-Men, a superhero team of extraordinary mutants that, despite being discriminated against for being different, protect the human race from all kinds of dangers!

There are so many X-Men, that if Marvel wanted to, they could disconnect them from the rest of the Marvel Universe and give them their own and still have enough content and characters to keep them going for years!

But with so many X-people, don't you wish there was a way to know every single one of them? From Maggot, to Iceman, all the way to the super popular Wolverine? Well now there is!

Videogame/pop-culture geeks IGN have compiled a list of every X-Man ever! Thats right! EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

That's a ton of X-Men to list! So where can you find this super-list of epic geeky proportions? Well, you can watch the video right here!

And if you'd rather read the whole list of X-peeps, you can do that here!

I never knew there were so many X-Men!

From Dazzler, whose powers include sound conversion and light projection... Mimic, who has the ability to copy any superpower!

It's hard to say which one I like best, since there are so many to choose from! And since there are a lot of X-Men, I won't put a poll here asking who's your favorite. Instead, just comment below who you're favorite X-Man/Woman/Thing is!


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