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American Sniper is the second best war drama I have ever seen. Narrowly beating Lone Survivor and being edged out by Saving Private Ryan.

But what makes American Sniper so great?

First off, the cast. Everyone knocks it out of the park in this movie. Chris Kyle portrayed by Bradley Cooper brings to mind one word. Brilliant. Cooper portrays Kyle in a way that shows you a charming Texas boy before war. And as the film goes on, you see the effects of PTSD portrayed so well by Copper that you really start to understand how Kyle felt at home on the war-front. Sienna Miller, who played Chris's wife Taya, blew me away. I really understood where she was coming from in wanting her husband to stay at home and help raise a family. I really felt conflicted watching them share the screen because I understood where both of them were coming from.

The next best thing about American Sniper is its story and action. From the first scene, I was engulfed in this film. Seeing Chris Kyle back home in a conversation was just as interesting as seeing him be America's deadliest sniper.

Another aspect that you can tell worked really well is the direction from Clint Eastwood and the rest of the production team. One particular seen sent chills through my body because it was so intense and it showed me just what people mean when they call the terrorists "barbarians." Scenes like that, that show you why we are doing what we are doing without scene stealing from Cooper or Miller are definitely worth mentioning.

Another aspect of this movie that i liked is that it really showed how war is. It's terrible. No one wants to be there. No one is that epic action hero we all secretly dream of being. It's all terrible and must be remembered as such.

If I were to have one gripe with the movie, it is that the musical score didn't stand out to me that much.

In conclusion, this the best experience I've had at the movies since 2014's Godzilla (for very different reasons). I highly recommend this movie to anyone except the faint of heart. Personally, a true story of a man fighting to defend life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is worth checking out in my book


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