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While there is no definite proof that Poison Ivy will be appearing in a film ever again, it's fairly reasonable to assume that it might happen within the next ten years. It could happen in a Suicide Squad sequel or in a Batman film. Heck, who's to say she wont join Felicity, Black Canary, Katana, and Huntress in a possible Birds Of Prey series? But, really, we all know it's just fun to fan cast. And Poison Ivy is ripe for the picking... (Get it? Plant joke!)

Now, for the casting...

1. Alexandra Daddario

Okay. Who doesn't want this? I want to see hands... none? I can't say I'm surprised. Alexandra Daddario is one of the most beautiful women in the world right now, let alone one of the most promising actresses. If that's not credentials enough, then I don't know what is, and we should stop now. But it is, and I'm going to keep going.

2. Deborah Ann Woll

Famous for portraying the troubled teen turned vampire on the hit HBO series, True Blood, is this stunning redhead. Deborah Anne Woll is the right combination of good actress and good looking. I wouldn't at all be opposed to this casting choice.

3. Amber Heard

Okay, this one might be a little cliché... for a few reasons. This isn't even the first time I've picked her for a role. But, that doesn't make her any less worthy to play Ivy. She has some serious chops and good looks. And, honestly, I'm dying to see her take on a comic book role. What better role to portray than Poison Ivy?

4. Jessica Chastain

This is one of my personal favorite actresses. Jessica Chastain is also a near perfect fit for this character. First off, she's got the hair down. Secondly, she's gorgeous. Third, she's a great actress, as can be seen in The Help, Lawless, and Jolene. Lastly, and most importantly, she has shown an interest in playing a comic book character. With a drive to take on a comic book role and all of the requirements to go with it, Jessica Chastain would rock any Batman film.

5. Eva Green

Eva Green is probably one of the most talented actresses in the world today. On top of that is her sheer beauty. She has shown us her evil side in several films worth watching (Dark Shadows, 300: Rise of an Empire, Sin City: A Dame To Kill For). Overall, this french beauty would be perfect for the role of Poison Ivy.


Who would you like to see play everybody's favorite eco terrorist?

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