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Jared Leto AKA Joker has created a stir in the DC comic fans community by saying something that probably you would have never imagined "Batman is Dead" those are the exact three words that he told a fan on Vyrt when the fan told Leto,"You are reminding me of Batman,unseen hero!".

Whether he told it in a funny way or he spoke the truth we will probably never know until we see the movie itself.The Suicide Squad actor was probably playing with the fan ,implying perhaps The Joker was eventually going to kill Batman in the future.But we can't deny the fact that Jared could have accidentally revealed the plot hence let a detail of DC Universe slip out.

Whatever happens,we all know that Jared Leto was the perfect choice for playing The Joker and that he was the right choice to continue the legacy of Joker where Heath Ledger left but one thing is for sure,these three words have surely made all of us more excited about the movie.Jared Leto undoubtedly appears to be getting into the character.



Do you think Jared Leto was saying the truth?


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