ByYusriy-yah Isaacs, writer at
So I'm the regular movie buff teen who loves horrors and cries during rom-coms. My page says it all

This movie was going to get me interested for three reasons. 1)It's a horror movie. 2)It's based on true events. 3) Sam Claflin and his dimples are in it. I expected a typical ghost horror haunting movie but this movie completely surprised me. I had my eyes glued to the screen waiting to see what would happen. it's different because we see the ghostly element in the story but we also see a little bit of romance that is sparked in the story. It can be a bit slow for some viewers in certain parts of the movie but it's worth the wait when you suddenly get whacked with shock for what happens. The movie is ended off with a chilling tape that makes this movie truly scary yet amazing. One of the best movies of 2014 period.


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