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So I'm the regular movie buff teen who loves horrors and cries during rom-coms. My page says it all

I always loved Paris. One of the most beautiful places on earth and who knew it carried such a horrid story? This tale of an adventure stricken group led by an over ambitious, artifact hungry girl obsessed with finding the truth is filled with "WTF" moments and good scares along with a slight pinch of annoyance for the group leader who never knows when to quit. the only person i recognized was the cute and nerdy Ben Feldman ,but that was not a problem. an unknown cast always makes it seem more real. This movie had me thinking instead of just waiting for scares which was awesome. Definitely lived up to the expectations of what a movie about being haunted by our deepest fears below the surface would be like. It was scary and interesting and it has my best friend even more excited to become an archaeologist. So thumbs up.


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