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Johnny Depp's role as drug dealer George Lung in 2001's Blow is arguably one of his best, and the Hollywood star hasn't forgotten how the real-life drug kingpin behind the movie helped him prepare for the role.

The real-life George Jung was recently released from prison after serving almost 20 years behind bars for drug offences, and Depp reached out to the 72-year-old ex-coke dealer almost immediately after he regained his freedom.

Naturally, 'Boston George' was delighted with the invitation to hang out with the actor who immortalized his life on screen, and TMZ obtained these snaps of the pair being reunited.

Depp and George Lung
Depp and George Lung

According to the celebrity gossip website, the pair went to Depp's downtown L.A. lodge and chatted about poetry, books and Blow's late director - Ted Demme.

Depp and Jung before filming Blow
Depp and Jung before filming Blow

Although it's heartening to see Depp taking the time to reunite with the man who inspired one of his most memorable roles, anyone who has seen the movie will be eager to know if the ex-drug lord has made peace with his daughter.

In the movie, Jung goes to jail and his beloved daughter never visits him and it's implied that the fallen drug lord never sees her again.

Unfortunately, there's no official news available about how Jung's relationship with his daughter Kristina has fared through his long years in jail, but TMZ reported that the pair had started to reconcile while Jung was still behind bars in June 2014.


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(Source: TMZ)


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