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An actor, fitness instructor and former Calvin Klein model has been struck and killed by a train in L.A. while filming a commercial for protein shakes.

Greg Plitt, 37, was pronounced dead at the scene after being hit by a Metrolink train. He was witnessed by bystanders walking near the tracks holding a video camera.

Plitt is probably most famous for his work as a renowned fitness instructor and he recently took part in the Bravo TV show Work Out . Plitt is also due to appear in the upcoming reality show, Friends to Lovers at the end of January.

Along with his work as a fitness icon, Plitt has also acted in a handful of Hollywood blockbusters including Terminator: Salvation and The Good Shepherd alongside Matt Damon and Robert DeNiro.

Greg's impressive physique also landed him with a role as a CGI body double for Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen.

Plitt shows off the physique that made him famous
Plitt shows off the physique that made him famous

It appears that Plitt's death was a tragic accident as opposed to a suicide attempt. A witness at the scene told KABC that:

He had on all black. The train went by. I saw him stumble over the tracks. He had a camcorder in his hand
Plitt and Jamie Easton
Plitt and Jamie Easton

Plitt's unexpected death is making huge ripples across the fitness industry, with model Jamie Easton leading the tributes with the following heartfelt memorial to her fallen friend and colleague:

I am in disbelief and heart broken to hear of Greg Plitt's passing today.
He was always someone who would go the extra mile for his friends and he loved the fitness industry like no other!
Greg had so many great things going on in his life right now, so to have his life end so quickly, hit by a train as he was filming a spot for his protein shake, is just gut wrenching!
We are praying for everyone you have left behind. There will be a void in the fitness industry and the whole world without you

Strangely, Plitt had posted videos of him showcasing his impressive workout skills on train tracks before tragedy struck.

Before his death, Plitt had also recently uploaded an Instagram video that has taken on a new level of significance after his passing. In the 35 second long clip that was filmed just a month before his fatal accident, Plitt reminds fans, "it's your life," and then asks the potent question "will you be remembered?"

Plitt is survived by his parents and older sister in Baltimore, Maryland.

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