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(Note, potential SPOILERS for Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad below...)

Now, details of the upcoming Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice's plot are still a little sketchy, but if there's one thing that's been widely agreed upon, it's that at the movie's close, Batman and Superman will have patched up their differences, and set out on a path towards the Justice League.

What, though, if we're all wrong - and only one of them is going to head down that path.

What if one of them isn't going to make it to the closing credits?

What if, in short, one of them is going to die?

It might sound crazy - but, as it turns out...

Jared Leto Just Revealed Batman is Going to Die

"And I'll replace him as...Catman!"
"And I'll replace him as...Catman!"

Or, rather, that Batman is going to be dead by the time that Suicide Squad is released - which pretty much means by the end of Batman vs. Superman. is reporting a conversation between Leto and a fan on Vyrt, in which Leto - Suicide Squad's Joker himself - responded to a fan's comment of “You’re reminding me of Batman, unseen hero!” with a pretty emphatic response:

“Batman is dead.”

And, y'know what? If anyone's going to know one way or the other about that, it'd probably The Joker...

Could Batman Really Be Dead Though?

Huh, he totally could...
Huh, he totally could...

Well, short answer, yes. Long answer, no chance in hell.

After all, in The Dark Knight Returns - the 1986 Frank Miller miniseries on which much of Batman vs. Superman seems set to be based - Batman ultimately fakes his own death, allowing Superman to 'win,' without actually ever truly being defeated.

Could we then, be set to see a similar ending on screen? One in which Batman seemingly sacrifices himself - possibly even at the hands of a cameo-ing Joker - in order for the world to have a new, more hopeful hero like Superman - and, say, to form the Justice League to continue his fight?

And, if so, could we even be sent out into the world after the movie genuinely believing that Batman might be dead?

Well, sure - for one thing, it'd make for one hell of an Empire Strikes Back-like twist - but even if we do, it's unlikely to last long.

After all - Batman always wins - and by around the time we saw our first Justice League movie - or even as a surprise cameo at the end of Suicide Squad - you'd have to imagine we'll see a certain Caped Crusader surprise everyone by being very much alive.

Just like in The Dark Knight Returns...


Y'know, that - or Jared Leto was just messing with us.

What do you guys think?


Will we see Batman 'die' in Batman vs. Superman?



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