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I watched an ungodly amount of TV during the '90s. It was the decade that the stars happened to align for me - when copious amounts of free time was paired with a plethora of awesome animated shows. The result was magical, and I barely left my potato-chip covered spot on the couch because of it.

But even I - a bona fide cartoon addict - never saw some of the shows on this list. Some of them, I haven't thought about in years, so it's great to be reminded of the characters I spent my beloved childhood days watching!

How many of them do you remember?

1. Men in Black: The Series

First Aired: October, 1997

Episodes: 53

Though loosely based on the original 1997 movie, this series actually took place in an alternate continuity. Still, all the alien hi-jinks Agent K and J find themselves involved in ensure the cartoon retains the same endearing charm as the film.

Just look at their swagger!

2. Mighty Ducks

First Aired: September, 1996

Episodes: 26

Another cartoon inspired by a feature film, Mighty Ducks took human hockey league players and turned them into...well, ducks! Set on the ice-covered planet of 'Puckworld,' the anthropomorphic birds are obsessed with their favorite sport, and must fight for the right to play it.

The movie was great, but I think the series might have been even better!

3. Timon & Pumbaa

First Aired: September, 1995

Episodes: 85

Of course, every true '90s kid remembers this mischievous duo from Disney's 1994 classic The Lion King, but how many remember their very own spin-off show?!

The cartoon followed the meerkat and warthog on their continuing misadventures, which took them out of plains of Africa and all the way to Canada, London, the United States, and Spain!

Hook the box set up to my veins!

4. Extreme Ghostbusters

First Aired: September, 1997

Episodes: 40

I certainly remember watching The Real Ghostbusters animated series, but I must have missed out on this one. 40 episodes full of Ghost-trapping goodness were delivered straight to our screens in 1997, courtesy of Extreme Ghostbusters!

The only thing that could have made it better, is if they'd dropped the 'e' on 'extreme'. Oh well, there's always neXt time...

5. Dumb and Dumber: The Animated Series

First Aired: October, 1995

Episodes: 13

I don't know where I was for this, but supposedly a Dumb and Dumber cartoon existed at one beautiful moment! It continued to document the merciless stupidity of Lloyd and Harry after getting back their dogshaped van.

The show even introduced a new character called Kitty - a pet purple beaver who, unsurprisingly, was a lot more quick witted than her rather simple owners.

6. James Bond Jr.

First Aired: September, 1991

Episodes: 65

Behind every great international super-spy, there lies the super-spy's obscure cartoon nephew. Ian Fleming's novels mention no surviving relatives of the famous British agent, but James Bond Jr. begs to differ.

This show, quite frankly, sounds awesome. The grandson of Q is even in it, and he's called IQ! Amazing.

And of course, the famous catchphrase was in full use: "I'm Bond, James Bond. Junior."

7. Earthworm Jim

First Aired: September, 1995

Episodes: 23

Based on the videogame of the same name, this cartoon adaptation retained the franchise's surreal humor and bizarre locations. The show often broke the fourth wall, with characters talking directly to the audience.

Also, it had one of the best opening titles I've ever seen!

8. Peter Pan & the Pirates

First Aired: September, 1990

Episodes: 65

Though I've seen the Disney movie countless times, this series must have slipped me by. Peter Pan & the Pirates mostly followed Hook and his band of dastardly crew members as they tried to foil the boy who never grew up.

The menacing Captain Hook was actually voiced by Tim Curry!


Which show passed you by?


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