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It's been over a year since [Frozen](movie:411685) was released, but the blockbuster film isn't showing any sign of slowing in popularity! However, while fans of the movie may have all of the songs in film memorized (actions included!), there may be one song that they are less familiar with: a song called "Life's Too Short."

"Life's Too Short" was cut from the final edit of Frozen, however the song has been included on the Frozen Deluxe Edition soundtrack, and, what is even more awesome is that the storyboard images from the scene have also been released!

Check out the beautiful images from the scene and watch the whole video below:

The song was cut due to drastic script changes

It's no secret that Frozen underwent many script changes before it became the masterpiece we all know and love, and in one of those original scripts Anna and Elsa were not actually going to be separated for most of their lives. Instead they were going to grow up around each other, but not be all that close.

It was going to be a duet sung in the Ice Palace

Life's Too Short was going to be sung by the two sisters during the scene when Anna is trying to bring Elsa back to Arendelle. It was going to be about how the two sisters were finally becoming friends after Elsa's secret was revealed, however by the end of the song their opposing personalities drove them away from each other.

It was written when Elsa was originally a villain

The song was cut from the final release of the film and replaced with "For the First Time in Forever" (Reprise), after "Let It Go" was written, which is when the writers changed Elsa from a villain into a more sympathetic character.

The song itself is fantastic, and the storyboarding is as great as always. However, I have to say I am quite glad that this scene was cut from the film, simply because I don't know if I could handle Elsa as a villain!

Listen to "Life's Too Short" alongside the storyboard images:

Do you think they should have left Life's Too Short in Frozen? Let me know in the comments below!


Do you think they should have left "Life's Too Short" in Frozen?

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