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Over the last 20 years the TV show Friends has defined and changed pop culture in a way that is fairly unrivaled by any other TV series. With reruns of the show pretty much being played continuously it's hard to avoid, and why would you want to!? I mean, just listen to this brilliant intro song:

But as familiar as you might think you are with the show, prepare yourself because a Friends mystery you might not have even known you wanted answers to, has finally been solved by the eagled eyed folks over at Bustle! Check it out:

Any fan of the show is familiar with Central Perk and the iconic orange couch.

But the question remains: In a busy New York café, how did the gang always manage to get the best seats in the house?

The answer is so brilliantly simple...

They reserved it!

And what happened when they didn't reserve it?

Oh snap!

So simple, but so good! However, I can't help but feel - aside from the fact that this is a pretty cool little easter egg - reserving the best seats in the house for the better part of a decade is kind of a douchey move, right?!


Did you ever notice this small Friends easter egg?

Source: Bustle via Buzzfeed, Screencapped


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