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The cinematic craze that first took off in South Korea 6 years ago is finally due to arrive in Britain. As The Mirror is reporting, the United Kingdom is due to get its first 4D cinema.

Although 3D is still straddling the line between gimmick and mainstream medium, cinema owners are hoping 4D technology will the next major thing that will bring film-lovers flocking to movie theaters.

The theater, operated by the UK's biggest chain, CineWorld, will contain specialized 4D seats which blast the viewer with real physical sensations. You can check out the action packed commercial below:

What Can 4D Do?

4D cinemas take things slightly further than even an IMAX theater. The seats are able to vibrate, move side-to-side, backwards and forward in sync with the action on screen, while viewers will also be hit with water sprays, gusts of air and even different scents which can recreate anything from explosives to coffee. The cinemas are also able to even blow bubbles into the theater in order to 'bring to life the buoyant atmosphere on screen.'

Of course, 4D will only be used for certain films, mostly clearly action and superhero blockbusters. Britain's first 4D film will apparently be upcoming espionage action thriller, Kingsman: The Secret Service. Imagine watching the scene below with 4D:

Money, Money, Money

There is, of course, another reason for the introduction of 4D. As stated earlier, the technology has been around for a while, with several theme parks utilizing it for specially made films. However, until recently cinema owners in the US and Europe have not been as enthusiastic for the tech as have those in Japan and South Korea.

So what has changed? Well, a general the drop in revenue for theater owners probably has something to do with it. Increasingly, theaters are having to compete with both legal and illegal online streaming of new movies. Faced with this, they need new gimmicks to put butts on seats. 4D could be one of these.

A report by Variety suggests on average cinema owners can make up to 138% more cash on a 4D film, compared to both traditional and 3D screenings. The US is also starting to embrace this cinematic change. With 4D cinema chain CJ 4DPlex opening a theater in LA last June. Already, this cinema has higher occupancy rates and revenue than other theaters.

Of course, this probably has something to do with ticket price. On average you can look to pay $22 (£14) for a single ticket to a 4D screening.


Do you think four dimensional cinema will catch on?

Source: TheMirror


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