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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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There are a staggering number of unsolved murders attributed to unknown serial killers in the United States. We've seen movies about the Zodiac Killer and the Texarkana Phantom, but there are so many equally intriguing cases that are overlooked in popular culture...

A series of murders occurred around 1980

Identikit reconstructions of bodies discovered
Identikit reconstructions of bodies discovered

The area traversed by the killer covers 5 states: Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi and Pennsylvania. Experienced investigator Chris Murphy stated that the string of unsolved murders - 'reeks of serial murder' - and there's a twist...

Every single victim had red hair

A news report on the case from February 13, 1983
A news report on the case from February 13, 1983

The 'signature' linking these victims together drew cops to conclude that the murders were connected, despite the vast 5-state area in which the bodies were discovered. Murphy continues,

Whenever you have consistent items in several cases, you ought to immediately suspect serial killers.

Nobody knows how far this case goes

Michelle Garvey, murdered in1982
Michelle Garvey, murdered in1982

The time span of the murders is estimated to have begun around 1978, and possibly continuing until 1992. The Tennesee Bureau of Investigation questioned suspect Jerry Johns - a trucker wanted for the attempted murder of a redheaded woman in Knoxville - but he was in jail when another body was dumped.

TBI deputy director Steve Watson said,

We don't know what we've got now. We've got no suspects and few leads.

Many victims in this unsolved case remain unidentified. Contact the police if you have any information regarding their identities.


Do you think that an unsolved murder investigation should ever be abandoned?

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