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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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We've all seen movies where ghosts can interact with the living, even romantically... but are films such as Ghost and The Entity based on reality? Paranormal investigator Gavin Davies certainly thinks so...

A series of strange, sexy incidents...

Davies was driven to investigate ghost sex phenomena after a number of people approached him with eye-witness accounts during research for his book on the topic, Ghost Sex. Davies was initially skeptical, saying of his first interview:

Now, Iā€™m aware that stuff like this is often intended as erotica and people have fantasies about it. And at first I thought it was a wind up call. But this man genuinely believed he was seduced by a paranormal entity.

One ghost sex story truly caught his attention

The man - referred to only as 'John' for anonymity - said that after picking up a beautiful woman from the side of the road in Wales, UK, she turned out to be a ghost who 'ravished him in terms too graphic to describe.' 'John' said of the incident:

I was choking, and I thought I was going to die. I was crying and everything. I was passing out. I pushed her back with all my force and there was not a pretty girl on me but some haggard, disgusting old woman with some kind of awful skin condition. I just screamed and screamed and she just vanished.

A rational explanation?

Davies theorizes that the sleep paralysis - a condition known to cause dramatic hallucinations due to the brain waking up while the body remains paralyzed in sleep - could be the cause of at least some of these mens' experiences:

In the renaissance era they believed that the paralysis was caused by succubi, who would seduce people while they were asleep.

Reader, beware...

Mr. Davies' Ghost Sex book has stormed the supernatural charts for Amazon Kindle books, but he warns that getting hot and heavy with such dark subject matter has 'taken its toll' on him:

This is just one account, and many of the others are far more graphic and quite traumatic to research. It is certainly the last time I will write a book about ghost sex.


Do you believe in ghost sex?

Source: The Mirror, DeviantArt


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