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As life-long lover of telling ghost stories by candlelight and shitting myself right up, I naturally love the dark and eerie world of Creepy Pasta.

But it's often the same old stories that get mentioned time and time again, so here are some lesser known gems to show you some of the more obscure terrors on offer.


The Basic Plot: Barricade follows the story of a young man who suffers from a mysterious illness that causes him to hallucinate mysterious beings and even smell their distinctive odour.

After a few years on strong medication to stabilize his erraticly misfiring brain, the narrator finds some normalcy and relishes the dull steady job he has and the freedom from the visions that plague him.

The one day, everything falls apart.

When the young man tries to go outside, he is greeting with an eerily empty street devoid of all noise and living beings. It is clear there is nobody else on the entire earth, and crippling panic seizes the narrator as he realizes the hallucinations are back.

After going back to the apartment for his own safety (the narrator was hit by a car before when he thought the road was totally empty), the young man sits by a window straining his ears for familiar sounds. Unfortunately what comes to him is not traffic noise or innane chatter. When his episode is 'over', all he can hears is soul-destroying screaming and sobs that show no sign of ceasing.

Although the narrator is sure this is a new manifestation of his illness, he feels the need to barricade the door for his own safety. He doesn't want to entertain the notion that the episode could be real, but the pure animal panic within him is pushing him to the edge.

Suddenly, the door knob twists and starts to violently strain against the deadlock and the door begins to flex in the middle from the heavy blows coming from outside. Our narrator barricades the door with the bookshelf and is stuck inside his apartment with the whispering gibberish of foul voices drifting in from the outside world.

He has never had an episode that lasted longer than a few hours, but this hallucination stretches on for days.

Should he go outside and risk the demonic voices he's hearing being real, or slowly starve to death in his apartment?

The only thing to do is open the deadlock and find out.

Why It Will Totally Shit You Up: By making you question the concept of reality.

Read the whole thing HERE.

The Smiling Man

The Basic Plot: A nightowl who has a roommate that goes to bed early deals with his boredom by spending his time taking long walks and thinking.

He had been going on nocturnal patrols for over four years without being bothered by a single person, until one fateful evening where all of that changed.

After walking through a dark and deserted park, our narrator is confronted with a bizarre silhouette of a dancing man. After deciding the guy must be drunk, the narrator decides to give him a wide berth to avoid confrontation.

Soon the dancing man's bizarre posture, lanky body and terrifying grin made it apparent this creature was something much more terrifying than a mere drunk...

Why It Will Totally Shit You Up: Good luck walking home in the dark without thinking the guy across the road is an otherworldly demon is disguise!

Read the whole thing HERE


The Basic Plot: A child confuses hearing his heartbeat when his ears are pressed against a pillow for footsteps, or does he?

The house the kid lives in has a huge crawlspace underneath, which only fuels his overactive imagination and thoughts of monsters flooded into his imagination every time he was woken by the 'footsteps.'

Although his mom thought he was imagining the footsteps, strange things started happening in the night that seemed to point to the fact this wasn't the case...

The kid starts waking up in strange places, including outside in some strange woods at night with no dirt or scratches to suggest he had slept-walked there.

Totally disorientated, the child ran through the woods in a frenzied, fear-driven panic for hours, until his stomach drops with despair as he realizes he is ten feet away from where he woke up.

Eventually, he finds his way home by following the North star, but when he gets back things at home are not what they seem and a terrifying note leaves clues to what might have happened...

You can read the whole thing HERE.

Why It Will Totally Shit You Up: An alternate reality that nobody believes but is bad enough, let alone when it deposits you in some mystery woods.

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