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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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The upcoming release of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay II on November 20 is a cause for both joy and sadness. It'll be an awesome movie... but it'll also be the end of the saga of Katniss and her quest to take down the Capitol.

But is it really the end? There are plenty of influential people who, like a lot of us, just don't want to leave the world of The Hunger Games...

Jennifer Lawrence is desperate for more

Jennifer Lawrence just wants more Katniss!
Jennifer Lawrence just wants more Katniss!

J-Law is the heart and soul of the Hunger Games movies, bringing our beloved Katniss Everdeen to life on screen. And, yeah, she ain't taking the end of the franchise too well, telling CBM that she's 'not happy about it at all' and 'would totally do [more movies].' J-Law adds to E!:

It would be so fun. This is the best group and we have so much fun. I love doing these movies. I get really sad when I think that we’re almost done.

Lawrence isn't the only one on team Everdeen Forever

The cast are close with director Francis Lawrence
The cast are close with director Francis Lawrence

Director Francis Lawrence told MTV that he is seriously trying to work out a way to give fans more Hunger Games:

Everybody is thinking about it, and talking about it... just say, ‘Oh, we’re still in the Hunger Games world’ I think is really risky, and you need to make sure that you have something new to say...
It’s a tricky thing, but I’m definitely open to talking about it, and I think everybody’s thinking about it. Everybody loves the world and the ideas.

However, the book side of things seems a no-go

Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins has been very firm about the fact that she's not writing any more Katniss stories - her agent Jason Dravis told The Wrap, 'Another one? No, the books are done.'

Collins' other excellent Young Adult series The Underland Chronicles is certainly crying out for a movie adaptation, but this is little consolation for fans of Katniss and The Hunger Games.

But will Collins follow other Young Adult examples?

Although no full-scale sequel or prequel novels have been released, we're getting more of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight and J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter worlds in the shape of spin-off movies and additional material. Hopefully Collins will follow suit?

Elizabeth Banks, who plays fashionista-turned-revolutionary Effie Trinket, certainly has faith in Suzanne Collins to give us more, telling E!:

I’d love to see Suzanne Collins write something else that we could expand on. We love these characters. I think people are really fascinated to see where their lives go.

73 Hunger Games prequels...?!

Personally, I think that prequels are the way to go - it means that we get more Hunger Games without Collins having to compromise her integrity by stretching out, diluting or overdoing a series that she's done a fabulous job finishing.

Think about it - Katniss and Peeta first enter the 74th Hunger Games - this means there's 73 Hunger Games tournaments we know almost nothing about... a movie of Haymitch's victory at the 50th tournament? A film that shows Annie Cresta being driven slowly insane as her competitors drown around her? Count me in!


Would you like to see more Hunger Games movies after Mockingjay: Part 2?

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