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Could we be set to see a very different version of Superman to the one we're used to? One a little...older?

Well, if Henry Cavill - Superman himself - is to be believed, we might just see a much older version of the Man of Steel on screen.

Just not for a while yet.

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice star Cavill recently spoke to TheAnglophileChannel about his future plans - and when asked how many more times he wants to play Superman, his response was...pretty straightforward:

"As many as it takes...I love the character. I love working with Warner Bros. and what they're doing with it, and so fingers crossed I'll be able to tell the story for many, many years to come."

And, if that sounds too much like the standard actor-ly love-fest towards whoever's paying their salary, then check out the video of the interview below...

Because y'know what? If you ask me, Cavill does actually genuinely seem excited by the prospect of playing the character for years to come.

And that raises two key questions:

1. Does this mean Superman Will Be Back for a Whole Lot of Movies?

After all, from the sounds of it Cavill has either signed a lengthy multi-picture deal (possibly even a 7-9 picture one, along the lines of Marvel's recent hiring), or is keen to do so.

If so, that could suggest that Cavill - who, in terms of salary, will surely be comparatively inexpensive to, say, Ben Affleck - will be popping up in a whole lot of DC movies over the next few years?

Could he even take on something of a Nick Fury role - appearing in more-or-less every early DC movie, giving the audience a character they know and love to relate to, while a less well-known character is introduced?

Or, alternatively...

2. Could Cavill Be in for the Long Haul?

Specifically, could he - and DC - be planning on keeping this generation of superhero movies going for as long as humanly possible?

It'd show a substantial sense of ambition, if so - you get the feeling that if Marvel had known just how successful Iron Man and the rest of the MCU would be, they'd have tied Robert Downey Jr. down to a way longer deal right from the outset - but it could also suggest that in ten years or so, we might just see a very different Superman to the one we're used to.

A Superman who, unlike the movie-heroes who've gone before him, actually ages on screen...

And, if so - could we actually one-day be set to see a classic storyline like Kingdom Come - a DC Elseworlds (essentially an alternative reality) story from back in 1996?

In it, Superman, Wonder Woman and the rest of world's more traditional heroes face off against a growing number of darker, more Frank Miller-like young heroes - with Batman stuck somewhere in the middle.

Coming to a theater near you in 2030, anyone?

What do you guys think?


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