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While many among us may confess to being [Frozen](movie:411685) obsessed, there may be a family in the United Kingdom who just might beat the records!

Leigh Dryden and her three boys, Owen, four, Corey, two, and Jay, one, are estimated to have seen the Disney blockbuster over 600 times since Leigh purchased the DVD in September. That equates to about four or five viewings every day!

Leigh didn't originally think that her boys would enjoy what she thought was just "a girl film," but the Disney extravaganza proved it was something both boys and girls could be obsessed with when it mesmerized them with it's catchy tunes, and characters, particularly Sven and the snow monster.

It's well known that young children love repetition, and that it's actually good for their development, but we here at Moviepilot believe that for her sanity, perhaps their mom, Leigh, needs some sort of intervention, a sort of Frozen detox system to wean herself off of Elsa and Anna, and "Let It Go." Take a look at our Frozen rehab program:

Stage one: Tangled

After 600 viewings of Frozen, Leigh can't be expected to go cold (or Frozen) turkey on Disney musicals. Tangled is the perfect solution - instead of Elsa and Anna, we have Rapunzel, and instead of "Let It Go" we have "When Will My Life Begin."

This is early stage recovery, we've downsized a little but we haven't taken out the musical factor, or the strong female lead, meaning it shouldn't be too shocking to Leigh's system.

Stage two: Brave

After downsizing a little with Tangled, the next step should be Brave. Here we've taken a big step and moved away completely from the musical genre, but have softened the blow by keeping in a strong female lead character with Scottish princess, Merida.

Stage two is a crucial point of recovery, and a point where the patient could relapse back into watching Frozen just to get a hit of those chart topping melodic numbers.

Stage three: Robin Hood

Robin Hood is a slight lapse back into musical film territory though the songs aren't sung by main cast members. Like Brave we have stuck with characters from the UK so the transition is not too jarring.

The main purpose of Robin Hood is to mix up the main characters from female to male. After a few viewings of Robin Hood, Leigh should be able to then watch a film with any gender of person (or species even) as the main character, meaning she is open to more diversity in film, expanding her viewing options.

Stage four: Braveheart

The final stage of the Frozen detox program. After progressing through all other stages, Leigh should now be ready for a film devoid of musical numbers and also of main characters of any gender.

For the final stage we've stuck with a film from the United Kingdom just to ease progression after both Brave and Robin Hood, but following viewings of Braveheart Leigh should now be fully equipped to deal with films of any and all genres and not need to fall back into old patterns of repeatedly watching Frozen.

Good luck with your Frozen recovery, Leigh!


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