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Rob Harris

Sometimes there's a fine line between a hero and a villain. A few extra daddy issues here, another couple of childhood injustices and bitter resentments there, and 'poof!' - suddenly you're conquering the world instead of trying to save it.

Well, it turns out that this line is indeed a thin one, as these beautiful Lego portraits - called lenticulars - prove. Watch before your very eyes as your favorite movie heroes morph into their dastardly counterparts!

Snow Wh-at is Happening to your Face?!

How cool is that? And it's all done with Lego!

Batman Ain't No Joke

Arthur Gugick's Dark Knight inspired artwork is truly trans-formative!

Bruce Wayne and The Joker are closer in kind than you might think.

Voldy Pottermort

Check out this awesome Harry Potter / Voldermort transformation from Josh Hall!

The boy who lived and the dark lord who, well... didn't.

Chris Brick-a-Pratt

And finally, the Lego man himself...

There's only one word: Awesome!


Which Lego transformation is your favorite?!


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