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Fallout 4 still exists within the waste land that its universe has portrayed. No news, no release date, no glimmer of hope. But the astounding thing is the drive that the dedicated fans of this franchise have. We're constantly finding new ways to get one another excited and interested in the prospect of seeing another title from Bethesda.

So, I thought I'd draw from one of my favourite elements of Fallout 3. As I come from Ireland, it's a rarity that we see one of our country men go on to achieve great success on the silver screen. But Liam Neeson, is one such exception. He's starred in Schindler's List, Taken...3 times, he's been a Lion, Zeus, a guy who saves a load of people on a plane and then a chap who killed some wolves. What a man!

Fallout 4
Fallout 4

Therefore, when I heard that recognisable voice in Fallout 3 as our beloved father, it was just too much to handle. Of all the voices that Bethesda could have picked, they got him in. And he actually did a pretty great job too! So I was wondering who they could pick next to voice someone in their game. Not necessarily as our father, but it's be pretty cool to have these guys are your dad for a hundred hours of gameplay.

Bethesda have taken to selecting some great actors to be in their games as of late, and some wonderful voices too. I mean we've had Christopher Plummer, Joan Allen and Max von Sydow in Skyrim! And then the likes of Malcolm MacDowell and Ron Perlman (what a man!) in Fallout 3. The bar is constantly being raised for voice actors in games, with them now lending full performances which we've seen with Ellen Page, Willem Dafoe, Kevin Spacey and Keifer Sutherland.

So, obviously this is going to be entirely subjective, but I thought I'd pick five actors I'd love to see in Fallout 4 and you guys can let us know what you think and then throw in your own suggestions! Alrighty, here are my five, but remember I at least attempted to pick actors who could fit into this apocalyptic landscape well.

Jeremy Irons

As the voice of the lion who killed Mufasa, Jeremy Irons has a growl in his throat that brings us all back to that moment when we were forced to realise Mufasa wasn't getting back up. To have that dark presence in Fallout 4 would be perfect. His sly nature, growling tones and downright chilling delivery would really suit a character in this title. I mean, if we were casting him as a replacement to our father, that's quite a step up from Liam Neeson, even if he is Irish!!

Alan Rickman

Yes, yes! I know he's British and that Fallout is set in America, but how could we snub an accent like that? As the villain in Die Hard, his peculiar way of phrasing lent an unhinged madness to the character he portrayed. I mean even if the role required it, Mr. Rickman could sing...well..."sing". As the corrupt judge in Sweeney Todd the man demonstrated just how deep his voice could go. I seem to be casting the villains of Fallout 4 here, but no matter. It would be great to hear someone with an intimidating tone like Rickman in Bethesda's next title.

Sam Elliott

The man that lent his voice to the opening of the greatest comedy ever made: The Big Lebowski.

And so do I Mr. Elliott. This is the guy with the most quintessential country American accent on the face of the earth. He has the perfect balance of charm, grit and intelligence in his voice to bring a character to life for Fallout 4. And hell yes, I'd like to see a man with a moustache like this in a game!! Maybe my girlfriend will finally start playing games if he appears in one...

Gene Hackman

You want me to act in a what??
You want me to act in a what??

This here is a bit of a pipe dream as Gene Hackman has retired from acting since around 2004...but he has stated that he would consider acting once more if they would do it in his home with like 2 to 3 people and not move anything. They could totally record him there!! Right???! The man has appeared in some of the greatest films that cinema has produced, such as The Conversation, what an incredible film! But when he's not being dark and moody, he can lend genuine wit and kindness in the likes of Wes Anderson's The Royal Tenenbaums. Would love to hear him in Fallout 4.

Harrison Ford

Okay...I'll be in Fallout 4!
Okay...I'll be in Fallout 4!

Yep, this would be a fan boys dream. If we could see anything close to the genius that this man demonstrated in Star Wars, with his sly wit, sarcastic back-talk and general bad humoured advice, running into a character with his voice would make me want to hear whatever the character wanted to say. I mean, this one is quite possible right? Oh, by the way! Have you seen him play Uncharted 3? It's literally everything you want it to be and more. And he's pretty good at it too. Love it.

Alright then Fallout fans, let us know in the comments who you'd like to see appear on release date in Fallout 4 for PC, Xbox One and PS4! Bethesda can't make us wait forever right?....RIGHT?!?!


Which of these actors would you pick for Fallout 4?!


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