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[The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) will finally return to screens this week after a break of more than a month, and boy, does it look like the first episode back will be an absolute cracker. Seriously you guys, the end of the trailer was AMAZING.

Episode 11 of Season 6 is titled "Woke Up With a Monster," and it will be taking place after some dramatic events from the mid-season finale last year. When we left the gang, the evil Kai had cast a spell over Elena, and Caroline's mom, Sheriff Forbes' had been diagnosed with cancer. But despite the somber tone the show ended on in December, the next episode looks like it might have some happiness.

Check out the best bits from the trailer, and watch the whole video at the end:

Sarah Salvatore is revealed

After the fake Sarah Salvatore was killed by Enzo earlier last season, it looks like the real one will be revealed in episode 11! During a scene in an art gallery where Sarah appears to be showing some of her photography work, Enzo and Stefan have an interesting exchange. Enzo says to Stefan, “Call me old fashioned, but I disapprove of secrets between brothers,” to which Stefan replies, “She’s Zach Salvatore’s daughter which makes her my great niece. That’s my big secret.” However, instead of that being the end of the conversation, Enzo probes further, asking, "Then why are you so intent on keeping it [a secret]?”

An interesting question indeed! The introduction of Sarah Salvatore is sure to bring with it some drama, and I can't wait.

Steroline gets Sheriff Forbes' seal of approval

One of the sadder moments of the season came when we learned that Caroline'e mom, Sheriff Forbes, had been diagnosed with a fast growing brain tumor that couldn't be healed with vampire blood. In this trailer Sheriff Forbes is seen talking to Stefan, saying to him, "I need you to promise me something. When I’m gone, Caroline is going to need you." Talk about heartbreaking, it really seems like we're going to lose the last remaining parent of the show.

But, perhaps these words from Sheriff Forbes will mean that Stefan patches things up once and for all with Caroline, and maybe we'll even get the Steroline reunion we all want (right?!).

Jeremy's farewell seems imminent

We learned two weeks ago that we will soon be giving a fond farewell to Jeremy Gilbert as he heads off to study at art school, and it looks like episode 11 will be the episode that sparks off Jeremy's motivation to apply. In the trailer we see Elena saying to him, "Enzo almost killed you today. You deserve a normal life, Jer,” with Alaric backing her up, saying, "time to get the hell out of here."

With the support of his sister and the closest thing he has to a father it looks like Jeremy will be applying to art school very soon, before his departure as series regular in episode 14. Sad face!

Delena, Delena, DELENA!

Let's get to what we all want to hear: Damon and Elena kiss in the trailer. That's right, they kiss.


The trailer starts with the two talking about their relationship, with Elena saying, "If we're gonna do this, then we can't just pick up where we left off." But later it seems like Elena has revised her position with Damon asking, "I thought you wanted to start over? Because FYI this is exactly where we left off," and Elena replying, "I don't care, life's too short," before going in for the big kiss. Aw, you guys!

The Vampire Diaires returns to The CW on January 22nd.

Watch the whole trailer for episode 11 here:


Are you Team Delena?

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